Community Stabilization

Community Stabilization in Virginia

Living with a mental illness can often be disruptive and the threat of a crisis is always around the corner. Our Crisis Stabilization service is designed to help make sure whenever this crisis does occur, individuals are better equipped to maintain some level of normalcy while walking the road to recovery.

To achieve this, we provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment of the crisis, draft a crisis management plan, and develop result-focused strategies aimed at helping you keep a person’s life from spiraling out of control as they work towards piecing the pieces back together. We also work with family members and loved ones to help maintain relationships during a crisis.

How we achieve this?

  • Clinical assessments to identify the root of the problem
  • Creation of personalized crisis management plan to address specific needs identified clinical assessments
  • Development of actionable strategies to employ to mitigate the disruption in your daily life
  • Symptom and behavior management training
  • Individual and/or group counseling

Who is eligible for our Community Stabilization Virginia?

Adults (18+) experiencing a mental crisis that threatens to disrupt their way of life. We are here for you if you fall under this category or know someone who does. Get in touch with us today.

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