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About Us

The James Bentley Treatment Program (JBTP) is dedicated and takes pride in serving our community’s families. The James Bentley Treatment Program has served Virginia communities since 2002. A family-orientated organization where our enthusiastic counselors focus on developing great relationships with clients, using a safe and objective dialogue for a positive outcome for each client we encounter.

“At The James Bentley Treatment Program, we provide great patient care. Our clinical staff focuses on supporting the client so we can thrive to meet all our clients needs. Here, it’s about changing lives one family at a time.



Our Mission

James Bentley Treatment Program (JBTP) is devoted to providing comprehensive services for at-risk children, youth, adults, and families administered by the Comprehensive Services Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We provide mental health services, substance abuse, and education to preserve family integrity and promote age-appropriate emotional and social development

Our Vison

No need is too small, and no voice is too quiet to be heard. Therefore, we devote the time and energy necessary to educate and advocate.